EMPORIA, Va. (CBS Local) — A Virginia mom says trying to fulfill her child’s Christmas dream has become a nightmare, thanks to a FedEx driver who allegedly stole a package meant for her daughter.

“So my 12-year-old daughter, the only thing she’s asked for, for Christmas, is an iPhone, so on Cyber Monday I found that Straight Talk had special that they were running for $200 off of the iPhone 10,” Kim Swenson told WWBT.

Swenson ordered two phones, including one for herself, for a total of about $1,500. They were supposed to arrive on Dec. 1, but didn’t. After five days, she called FedEx to complain.

“They placed a trouble ticket, gave me a routing number that I could use to call back to get information,” she said.

Swenson also called Straight Talk, the prepaid wireless carrier connected to the phones, to see if they could track down her lost order. They told her one of the phones was already activated, so she notified the Greensville County Sheriff’s Office.

“I was told the phones had been turned in by a FedEx employee. One of the phones had been activated on Dec. 1, the other one had been sold to someone in Norfolk,” Swenson said.

FedEx officials confirmed the driver who allegedly stole Swenson’s phones was fired.

Meanwhile, Swenson placed another order for the phones but with the Cyber Monday special long gone, she had to pay $424 more to order the same items.

She’s hoping FedEx will reimburse her for the additional cost, and she’s hoping her credit card company will refund the $1,500 she paid for the original order she never received.