LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – For as long as he can remember Dr. Ross Henderson wanted to be a veterinarian. But it was combining his love of animals with his passion for music that got him noticed.

Now, Henderson and his family are getting their own series on Animal Planet.

(credit: Animal Planet)

“When I’m not a veterinarian, I’m home and creating and building like a puzzle,” Henderson told CBS4’s Joel Hillan back in July.

(credit: CBS)

Creating and building music… Henderson is currently the band leader for up-and-coming country singer Taylor Rae.

A video of Henderson singing to a dog before surgery went viral earlier this year. Messages poured in from across the world to the singing veterinarian.

Dr. Ross Henderson (credit: CBS)

“I thought I was the biggest weirdo, that I’m this vet that plays the guitar at work and then people started to come out of the woodwork, they’re like, ‘What? You do that? I like guitar and music and play to my animals.’”

The animals seem to enjoy it, as does Henderson and his thousands of Instagram followers.

Henderson’s dad is also a vet — who has been taking care of pets in the Denver area for more than four decades.

Now the singing veterinarian, his dad, their families and the Fox Hollow Animal Hospital will be featured in their own series: ‘Hanging With The Hendersons.”

Animal Planet described the show in a statement released Wednesday:

“It’s all in the family with the Hendersons at Colorado’s Fox Hollow Animal Hospital, where an endearing family of vets has the treating and caring for animals in their DNA. Two years ago, the Henderson’s became familiar to millions when now 30-year-old veterinarian, Dr. Ross Henderson, became a viral sensation; video of the young, handsome vet strumming his guitar and serenading a nervous furry patient captivated animal lovers’ hearts. Now in this exciting new series, Animal Planet’s global audiences will meet the rest of the Henderson clan, and experience the joy and empathy they bring to every animal in their care – from parrots and puppies, to guinea pigs and goats. When life is about animals, laughs, hugs and family there’s no telling what each day will bring when you are HANGING WITH THE HENDERSONS.”

(credit: Animal Planet)

The show premiers on Friday, Jan. 11.

LINK: Dr. Ross Henderson’s Website


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