DENVER (CBS4) — A Denver marijuana business is voluntarily recalling all retail marijuana plant material — including pre-rolls, shake, flower, and more. During an investigation by the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE), samples of dried marijuana from Doctor’s Orders LLC were found to contain potentially unsafe levels of yeast and mold.

All retail marijuana plant material originating from Doctor’s Orders cultivation facility bearing a label with OPC code 403R-00045 are subject to the recall.

Retail outlets that sold the recalled products include:

  • Doctor’s Orders Retail (dba: Buddy Boy) – 4012 W. 38th Ave. Denver CO
  • Concentrates LLC (dba: Wolf Pac Cannabis) – 74 Federal Blvd., Denver CO
  • Mesa Greens LLC (dba: Doctors Orders) – 749 E. Enterprises Dr., Pueblo CO
  • Alpine Herbal Wellness LLC (dba: Frosted Leaf) – 445 Federal Blvd., Denver CO
  • Serenity Moon Wellness Center LLC (dba: Frosted Leaf) – 6302 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO
  • Serenity Moon Wellness Center LLC (dba: Frosted Leaf) – 399 S. Harrison St., Denver CO
  • TWOG Walnut LLC (dba: Buddy Boy) – 3814 Walnut St. Denver, CO
  • BK Holding LLC (dba: The Herbal Center) – 1909 South Broadway, Denver CO
  • BK Holdings LLC (dba: The Herbal Center) – 12005 E. 37th Ave Denver, CO
  • RME Group LLC (dba: Affinity) – 7739 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO

Plant material from Doctor’s Orders cultivation may have been sold from other dispensaries if purchased prior to Aug. 1, 2018, so all consumers should check to see whether they have any plant material bearing the OPC code 403R-00045.

Consumers who have these recalled products should dispose of the products or return them to the store from which they were purchased. Questions for the business can be directed to Doctors Orders at:

DDPHE opened an investigation after receiving test results with elevated levels of total yeast and mold. There have been no reports of illness.

“The possible health impact of consuming marijuana products with elevated yeast/mold counts is unknown,” officials with the DDPHE stated. “Short-term and long-term health impacts resulting from inhalation exposure to such contaminants may exist depending on the duration, frequency, level of exposure, route of exposure, and health condition of the consumer.”

Consumers with concerns about their personal health should contact their physician, health department officials said.

Consumers with questions or concerns about recalled product or contaminants in marijuana products are encouraged to contact the DDPHE Public Health Investigations Division at or 720-913-1311.