DENVER (CBS4)– Denver International Airport is the first airport in the country to get a new kind of security screening. TSA demonstrated the device on Monday morning.

The technology is designed to help the security process go faster. Instead of the old machines that people had to walk into and hold still, this device is easier to use.

Now, you just walk up to it and it completes the scan. And you don’t have to lift your arms during the scan.

New security screening at Denver International Airport (credit: CBS)

Once your body is scanned, three TSA officers can look at the image instead of just one, which also speeds up the clearance process.

The new state-of-the-art technology is making its debut in the U.S. at DIA.

“The real speed is the determination of, ‘Is there a threat item on the body?’ And that’s much quicker, seconds quicker, when I say that but, when you’re processing over 70,000 travelers a day, seconds make a difference,” said TSA Federal Security Director Larry Nau.

The new device will be tested for about three months. If all goes well, the screening will go along with the new baggage security DIA is also testing.

The goal with the two new systems is to improve security overall in 2020 when the Great Hall renovation project will be complete.

  1. Yes but isn’t the real hangup the carry on baggage screening??

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