DENVER (CBS4)– Months after they hit the streets of Denver, there could be changes surrounding the rules for electric scooters. Right now, scooters are supposed to be used on the sidewalk but there has been a lot of confusion.

(credit: CBS)

A proposed ordinance would change that. Instead, it would require riders to use a bike lane or the street if a bike lane isn’t available. The exception would be if the speed limit is more than 30 mph.

(credit: CBS)

A committee will debate the proposed ordinance next week and then it heads to the city council for a vote.

The use of electric scooters has resulted in mixed reaction and multiple injuries. Typically the confusion stems from where the scooters are allowed and pedestrians and drivers feeling frustrated.

Doctors say there has been an increase in injuries related to the scooters and people not riding them responsibly. Riders are supposed to ride with a helmet and only one rider per scooter.


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