By Dave Aguilera

DENVER (CBS4) – It’s certainly no surprise that most of our moisture for Denver and the Front Range in the winter months come from snow. But, boy do we need some snow!

While it has been a great start to the snow season for the mountains, the snow season start along the Front Range and the Eastern Plains has been a bit dismal. If we take a look at the average snowfall for the last few months of September, October, November and the first week of December, Denver is way behind.

The Mile High City had no snow recorded officially in the month September. September average is 1 inches. October came through with a little more snow for Denver with a total of 3.2 inches. However, that is still below the normal October snowfall by a full inch at 4.2 inches!

Snow in Alma from a storm in October (credit: Mark Milligan)

Denver’s normal snow for November is 7.5″. Unfortunately, this time around we only measured 4.5″ officially. So far, this December we have had only a Trace officially, in a month that averages 8.1″ typically. But, we still have a lot of the month to go!

(credit: CBS) November Snowfall

That being said, it’s important to remember that Denver’s official snow measurement is taken at Denver International Airport. There are some parts of the Front Range in and near the foothills that picked up a lot more than average with a few of these snow storms. But, officially Denver is way behind on moisture so far for the beginning of our snow season.

Let’s hope December through March comes through because a lot of the state is still in abnormally dry to exceptional drought conditions. Despite some of our mountain areas getting such a great start to winter 2018/19!

Meteorologist Dave Aguilera is a Colorado native and has been forecasting weather in the Rocky Mountain region for over 25 years! Connect with Dave on Facebook and on Twitter @DaveAgCBS.


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