(247 SPORTS) – Wow …

… is the only word that comes to mind following Phillip Lindsay’s six-yard touchdown run in the first half of Sunday’s game at Cincinnati. It was classic Lindsay: A stop, stutter-step and tremendous cutback to daylight. These are the type of scampers that leave your mouth agape.

Check out his latest:

Lindsay is the Broncos’ lone bright spot in an otherwise dreary game, which feels like it should be broadcast on Thursday Night Football. He’s totaled 57 yards and the score on 11 carries, becoming only the eighth rookie in team history to notch 1,000 yards from a scrimmage in a single season.

The undrafted free agent sensation continues to thrive as the workhorse, deployed between the tackles with efficiency despite his 5-foot-8 frame. It’s an extremely rare quality which offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave gushed about on Thursday.

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“That was one thing we noticed early on with this guy,” he said. “Not everybody has the vision in between the tackles and he does. He’s not the biggest guy out there, but he has great vision. He can find that crease in that crevice and then of course, he just hits it full speed before it can close up in an instant.”

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And it’s one of many. Lindsay continues to shoulder Denver’s offense and, by association, its playoff hopes.

The Broncos lead the Bengals, 7-3, at halftime.

PHOTO GALLERY: Broncos, 24, Bengals, 10


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