NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (CBS4) – A Colorado cat that was making a move across the country with its owners several months ago and got lost will be reunited with them this weekend. Oscar was found by a caring animal lover in Nebraska four months after going missing.

(credit: CBS)

On Aug. 10 Alex Borsody and Kristine Amodio began a drive from Colorado to Florida to their new home. When they stopped in North Platte for the night Oscar, an orange tabby, got out of the hotel they were staying in. After an unsuccessful search that lasted a full day, the couple sadly had to continue on their trip.

As KNOP-TV in North Platte reports, Borsody and Amodio got in touch with Jenn Porter-Milne who runs a Facebook page intended to help people in Nebraska find their lost pets. They put up notices on the page but months went by without any word about Oscar.

Then, this week a store owner who feeds feral cats spotted Oscar and noticed that he was wearing a collar. She wound up calling the phone number on the collar and got in touch with Borsody and Amodio. Borsody said the news that Oscar was found was “amazing.”

“It’s God’s gift for Christmas, I really think it is,” Porter-Milne told KNOP-TV.

The owners plan to fly to Denver this weekend to be reunited with their pet, who suffered some undernourishment while he was missing but will be okay. A volunteer will be driving him from North Platte to Denver for the reunion.


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