LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – CBS4 and it’s partners are collecting toys for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. The goal is to make sure that every child get a toy at Christmas time, and the kids are already getting excited for it.

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Liz and her sister, Leonila, go to the club in Jefferson County. They’ve members for the last few years..

“It’s fun, and the thing I like most about it is going to the gym, and having basketball practice, and soccer,” Liz,9, told CBS4.

“The thing I like best is the reading program,” said Leonila, 8.

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Both girls have made lots of friends, although they’re quick to point out that they run in different circles. And in their friend groups, each of the sisters is a leader.

“I usually stand up for people, because when people are being mean to him, I think it’s just not nice,” Leonila told CBS4.

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“I share my food if somebody is hungry, or I help them if they don’t know how to play a game,” said Liz.

“Like yesterday she gave me her food because she didn’t want it and because dinner was almost done and we didn’t have no food left, so she gave me hers,’ Leonila confirmed.

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Liz and Leonila like to help out around the club to earn club bucks, fake money they can use to buy toys at Christmas time.

“I help the staff clean. And Mr. Jeramaih, one of the staff, he gives us club bucks if we read a book and get a 100-percent on the book,” Leonila explained.

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The toys are highlight. These sisters remember purchases they’ve made in past years.

“Helicopter, like one of those remote controlled ones, but I broke it because I ran it into a wall,” Liz said.

“No, you didn’t break it. It’s still on the roof,” Leonila chimed in.

“No it’s not,” Liz retorted.

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“I bought something for my cousin, who lives in New Mexico. I gave it to him, me and my sister did,” Leonila said.

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The kind of generosity that Christmas inspires.  The Together 4 Colorado Toy Drive runs through December 24th. You can help by putting a new unwrapped toy in the Together 4 Colorado bins at participating King Soopers stores.


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