By Karen Morfitt

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) — A young man in Westminster is using fitness to fight illness — and when it comes to support, Uriah Crowe has an entire team of firefighters standing in his corner.


“They saved my life two years ago,” Crowe said.

His mother, Lana Crowe, says a brain hemorrhage at birth causing him to have mild cerebral palsy. His whole life he he’s used exercise to fight back.

“We always kind of got a gym thing going for him so he could work on his motor skills and muscles and that so he didn’t end up in a wheelchair or what have you,” Lana Crowe said

Two years ago everything changed for Uriah.

“We responded on a call to him. When we got there… he was on the floor having a seizure,” Westminster firefighter Chad Sigg said about the call that brought them all together.


The seizure nearly took Uriah’s life and kept him from his passion, until now.

“He’s just in the beginning stages of being able to work out, so that’s why we jumped on it now and decided let’s do this,” Lana Crowe said.

The family is now transforming their garage into a home gym, complete with a firefighting theme.


“Since these guys saved his life that’s what he’s all about,” Lana Crowe said.

“Two months after, I got to thank them,” Uriah said.

“Did you cry?” CBS4’s Karen Morfitt asked.

“Yeah, I did. Twice,” Uriah admitted.


They’ve been friends ever since. It’s just part of the reason why it’s mostly Westminster Fire gear covering the walls.

“We just kind of latched on to him he latched on to us,” Sigg said.

While Uriah was less than sure about showing us how all of his gym equipment works, he says it has enough to cover the basics. But if you know his story you might say this gym has just about everything.

“They are our family. They are our heroes,” Lana Crowe said.


The family is still getting the home gym together. ultimately they would love to purchase a shed giving Uriah his own space. If you’d like to help the you can donate here:

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