DENVER (CBS4) — Officials at the Maxfund Animal Adoption Center say they’ve never seen anything like it. A man came into the shelter with a baby stroller, took a small dog and strolled right out the front door. Officials say the man showed up at the shelter at 1005 Galapago Street on Tuesday afternoon and stole a one-year-old male Chihuahua named Hope.

(credit: Maxfund Animal Adoption Center)

Surveillance cameras captured images of the man. Officials say the man had a kennel tech bring the dog to a visiting room. When workers at the front desk were busy talking to other people, he walked out the door with the dog.

(credit: Maxfund Animal Adoption Center)

Manager Cheryl Stapleton has worked at the shelter for a year and a half and said she’s never heard of this happening before.

(credit: Maxfund Animal Adoption Center)

Hope came from a hoarding situation in southern Colorado and had been at Maxfund for a couple months.

Hope’s biography on the website states: “I was kind enough in my old home to share everything with 10+ fellow pups and cannot wait to go to a forever home where I will be getting plenty of more attention.”

“He’s priceless to us,” Stapleton told CBS4.


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