COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– A woman who wore a vest donning her late father’s patches, recognizing his service in the Vietnam War, is asking those who stole the vest to return the cherished memento.

Christi Vigil’s father was killed in a motorcycle accident last May.

(credit: CBS)

In his honor, she wears a vest that has patches on it from his service in Vietnam.

(credit: Christi Vigil)

Thieves stole the vest from her car while she was at a breakfast honoring veterans.

(credit: Christi Vigil)

“On the back side there’s my dad’s memorial patch. There’s a flag patch the service memorial patch it looks like this, on top of my dad’s patch and about being a proud daughter of my dad being a veteran,” said Vigil.

(credit: Christi Vigil)

Vigil would like the vest returned, no questions asked, at any of the VFW locations in Colorado Springs or even her house.


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