BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – The popular wooden troll in Breckenridge has come to the end of its road. The town’s council voted Tuesday night to get rid of Isak Heartstone “as soon as logistically possible.”

trolls future 6pkg transfer frame 389 Town Votes To Remove Popular Breckenridge Troll

(credit: CBS)

The troll drew large crowds over the last couple of months, much to the disapproval of neighbors in the Wellington neighborhood.. The troll grew so popular parking became a concern, along with trespassing violations and noise. Some of the neighbors say they felt violated.

“This is just wrong. It was supposed to be here for a few days in August, and now we are stuck dealing with it, and it’s destroying our property values,” said one neighbor in October.

The council echoed some of the same concerns.

breck troll 1 Town Votes To Remove Popular Breckenridge Troll

(credit CBS)

“Isak Heartstone was a temporary art experience that was created for the 2018 Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA) and was not intended to be a permanent installation or part of the Town’s public art collection,” the town council said in a news release.

isak heartstone Town Votes To Remove Popular Breckenridge Troll

(credit Breck Create)

They also say the decision was made in part due to town resources during the winter season which generates increased traffic.

On Oct. 23, the council voted, 5-2, to keep the troll for the time being.

Town officials say the artist who created the sculpture, Thomas Dambo, knows of the challenges and “feels the work has already accomplished great success in its current lifespan.”

  1. Farley X Wilbur says:

    What were they thinking? How dare anyone intrude in or inconvenience anyone who lives in million dollar homes. It’s just not done. Park near their house? A major crime. Dirty, grundgy hippie types who want to see art. Not in my neighborhood. Ah, Breckenridge, the once quaint little ski town that got its wish and turned into Aspen East.

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