(247 SPORTS) – It did not take long for the NBA to hand down its punishment to Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving after he hurled the ball into the stands at the Pepsi Center following his team’s loss to Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets on Monday night.

Jamal Murray at the Pepsi Center on Monday night. (credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

As you can see from the video clip below, Irving took offense to the Nuggets’ young star pulling up from beyond the arc in the closing seconds of a game that was already in hand for Denver in hopes that he would eclipse the 50-point plateau for the first time in his young professional career.

Following the game, Irving met with the media and made it clear why he was upset with the former Kentucky Wildcats star’s decision to break what is apparently one of the unwritten rules of basketball.

Kyrie Irving at the Pepsi Center on Monday night. (credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

“I mean, what kind of competitor wouldn’t it bother?” Irving said after the game. “I understand if we fouled him, going to the free-throw line. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it. Obviously, I was pissed at the game, but it’s time to decompress and move on. Congratulations to him having 48 points. He did it in a great fashion against us. Our defense has to be better especially against a player like that in the pick-and-roll. He was the primary concern tonight and he made us pay in certain instances of making some tough shots and some tough layups.

“But the ball deserves to go in the crowd after a bulls**t move like that. So I threw it in the crowd.”

Boston and Denver will not meet again until March 18, 2019 but it seems safe to say that Irving and his teammates will remember this incident leading up to that game.