DENVER (CBS4) – Ballot measures have passed in Colorado that are aimed at ending gerrymandering. Amendments Y and Z change the state’s redistricting process so it’s less partisan and create more competitive districts.

(credit: CBS)

Amendments Y and Z passed by large margins. Both amendments needed at least 55 percent of voter’s support to be approved.

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Last month former Republican California governor and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger joined Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper to show support for the measures, which will create a 12-person commission responsible for approving district maps for Colorado’s congressional districts. Right now, lawmakers draw the districts.

The state currently has seven districts but after the 2020 Census, we’re slated to gain an eighth.

The commission will consist of Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters and the members would be appointed by independent commissioners.

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Independent, non-politician Kent Thiry worked with both parties to get the measures through the state legislature and to the voters. He said his goal was to make sure Coloradans are represented fairly in elections during tense political times.

Missouri, Michigan and Utah are also seeking to reform their processes with redistricting measures on the ballot on Tuesday.


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