DENVER (CBS4) – Police have identified the man who allegedly walked into a movie theater and threatened some moviegoers over the weekend. Some of those in the theater told police that he threatened them in a way that suggested he had a gun.

Police rushed to the Regal Continental Movie Theater located at 3635 S. Monaco St. just after 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Durell Bullard (credit: Denver Police)

According to the police report, the man, later identified as Durell Anthon Bullard, 35, walked into the theater and past the ticket takers without showing a ticket. When the employee asked for his ticket, Bullard allegedly made a fist at the employee in a threatening manner.

A manager tried to stop Bullard to ask for his ticket but was ignored and Bullard walked into theater #2.

The police report states that Bullard walked into the back row of the movie theater and approached four people who were seated there. Bullard raised his shirt in a way that the victims thought that the had a gun, and then proceeded to throw popcorn and a coke bottle at one of the victims and old him to move.

The victims believed he had a gun and left the theater and called police.

Officers arrived and found Bullard in the last row of the theater. He was taken into custody but failed to identify himself to officers.

They discovered that his name is Durell Anthon Bullard from a Tennessee ID that was found during a search.

Bullard was arrested for investigation of trespassing, interference, petty theft, disturbing the peace, threats to a person and violation of a protection order.