By Matt Kroschel

LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – When 4-year-old Akito Farmer told his mom he wanted to be a cop for Halloween this year, she got to work making sure his costume was authentic. She never knew what the Colorado State Patrol would do to make it a Halloween her son would never forget.

Akito Farmer (credit: CBS)

“We knew we wanted to go all out, and do it right,” Veronica Farmer, Akito’s mom, told CBS4.

Veronica works for the state port of entry and found most of Akito’s costume online.

(credit: CBS)

Akito stands a few feet shorter than the rest of the troopers, but he takes his Halloween costume seriously. Complete with fake a badge, cap and even a fake, painted tazer.

Troopers caught wind of the little guy with the cool costume and went the extra mile by inviting him to check out their vehicles and some of their tools and take pictures.

After passing his uniform inspection, Akito was made a junior trooper.

Veronica Farmer (credit: CBS)

“He is a little shy, but I could tell it meant the world to him to hang out with the good guys he looks up to,” Veronica said.

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