By Jeff Todd

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4)– Lisa Wolff hasn’t wanted to grow her mom’s burrito company too quickly, but now Mame’s Burritos is getting ready to move outside Colorado and across the nation.

“Growth can be very challenging,” said Wolff, CEO of Mame’s Burritos.

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Kroger and Walmart are interested in the company that started out as a food truck and grew a following through coffee shops around the state. In order to expand the company needs money to cover the cost of growth.

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Other companies within the Alchemy Co-Working space in Denver told Mame’s they wanted to help start a crowdfunding campaign.

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“They really bring natural, fresh ingredients to it. It’s not like any other burrito I’ve ever had. Every single one is ready for you to just embrace with all your heart,” said Alex Geis who works at Flimp Communications, down the hall from Mame’s office.

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“I was actually a little uncomfortable with it,” Wolff said about the campaign. “The support is phenomenal, it means everything to us.”

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Mame’s is hoping to raise $50,000. Mame’s says entry fees to get into grocery stores can be steep and the payoff is delayed once the product starts selling.

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“When we see their passion, it’s infectious and so you want to get on board and try and help them. We know Mame’s is really trying to push into the national market. They just need one more big push and they can really get their name out there and we thought this would be a great way to do that,” said Geis.

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LINK: Mame’s Burrito Campaign

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