By Jamie Leary

DENVER (CBS4) – It’s a belief that has caused serious controversy and sometimes anger among the space community. It’s something the “Flat Earthers” are used to and in November, the Flat Earth International Conference is coming to Denver.

(credit: CBS)

“I did the first one in Raleigh, NC last year and each year I will be doing a different city in the USA and Canada. I wanted the second year in the USA to be in a city with a large Flat Earth Community such as Denver,” said Robbie Davidson, founder of the conference. “Los Angeles is another city with a very large community around this topic. I will be announcing both FE2019 Canada and FE2019 USA cities at the end of this year’s conference.”

The “Flat Earthers” (different from the Flat Earth Society), are a community of people who, yes, believe the earth is flat.

(credit: CBS)

“We are of the opinion that not only is the earth flat, and I don’t mean there’s not surface features like mountains and stuff… but we’re not on an actual ball. It’s a plain and the outsides of it are being held in. We believe the oceans are being held in by Antarctica, and it is not necessarily a continent so much as it is a boundary that encompasses the oceans,” said Bob Knodel, founder of the Youtube channel, Globebusters.

Denver resident, Bob Knodel, is well-known in the Flat Earth community. The pilot and engineer used to think it was crazy, but has since started to believe the theories.

He invites others to debate and join the Denver conference.

“Investigate it yourself, do your own research that’s what matters,” he said.

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