By Dillon Thomas

THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) — A school district has apologized to parents after hosting a drag queen as part of a career day. A spokesperson for Adams 12 Five Star schools said Rocky Top Middle School staff should have notified parents a drag queen would be speaking to their children before allowing the speech to happen.

(credit: CBS)

Students at Rocky Top in Thornton range from 6th to 8th grade. The drag queen, identified as a woman who goes by “Jessica L’Whor,” is a relative of one student. The district confirmed she was invited to attend career day.

“I knew it was going to be controversial because that was nothing that would be allowed when I was in middle school,” L’Whor said. “At the same time, it opened up a door for conversation.”

(credit: Jessica L’Whor)

District spokesperson Joe Ferdani said staff believed the visit by L’Whor would demonstrate their inclusiveness of all, no matter how they prefer to dress.

“The school’s focus is to have an event that is representative of the diverese backgrounds and careers in the community,” Ferdani said.

L’Whor said dressing in drag is her career. She told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas her work takes her around the country and often leaves her working six days per week.

(credit: Jessica L’Whor)

L’Whor did not perform for the students, rather electing to read a book which addressed bullying.

CBS4’s Dillon Thomas interviews Jessica L’Whor. (credit: CBS)

“The book talks about bullies, and the negative things that can happen through being bullied,” Ferdani said.

One student’s parent sent CBS4 an email, saying in part, “Parents are in an outrage, and this is so inappropriate on so many levels.”

L’Whor said she felt most students were educated by her visit.

“I went to four classes. In every class, one person asked me how to handle negativity and hate,” L’Whor said. “There were a lot of kids interested in how I could have the confidence to go out looking the way I look.”

While the district would not apologize to concerned parents for hosting L’Whor, they did apologize for not giving parents notice of the visit.

Joe Ferdani (credit: CBS)

“Parents should have known in advance who was going to be speaking, and that didn’t happen in this particular situaiton,” Ferdani said. “Parents just needed to have more info, and context about what was going to be talked about, and some background on this individual, and they weren’t given that information.”

L’Whor said she hoped parents would see her visit as educational, rather than inappropriate.

“I would tell the parents, ‘I’m not telling your kid to go off and become a drag queen. I’m telling them to have the conversations. Because, it will come up in life.”

Rocky Top’s Principal apologized to parents, and said all future career day guests would be identified for parents to review beforehand. If a parent is against their child hearing from a speaker, they will be allowed the opportunity to pull their child from the speech.

Dillon Thomas is a reporter at CBS4 and a Colorado native. He believes everyone has a story, and would love to share yours! You can find more of his stories by following him on Twitter, @DillonMThomas.

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  1. Lee Rutledge Desmond says:

    And we wonder why there has been an exodus from public schools around the country in the last 20+ years…

    I bet the school would choose differently if parents pulled their kids out and decide to either enroll them in a different school or home educate— I’d have done that in a heartbeat. Money talks, and the school would lose a lot of it.

    Could it actually be possible that those who decided to invite this “career speaker” didn’t discuss the possibility of controversy over this choice ahead of time? I believe it was a blatant decision to ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission.

    Parents, WE are responsible for our children, and our tax dollars are paying these people’s salaries!

    I work for a woman who runs an interpretation company—so next time, if the school must be “politically correct” they should invite someone like my friend. Her interpreters work with the disabled, refugees, the elderly, all nationalities, etc. THAT is s true and positive career choice. Heck, many of the kids who are bilingual could be working in that very needed field in just a few years!

  2. Marcia Fuksa says:

    I Just cant get past that AWFUL makeup…who would want to look like THAT every day?? Poor sick people..SMH

  3. Kristin Tuckerflores says:

    These comments make me so sad. Being a Drag Queen does NOT mean you have a mental disability. Maybe people should educate themselves before spreading hate. He was talking to the kids about being bullied, and with parents comments like what I just read, bulling should be talked about daily. Please stop spreading hate, LOVE always wins!

  4. Colin Basye says:

    From a 1,000 foot view, this incident is yet another cog in the wheel of destroying and transforming our society as our youth are brainwashed into believing that the perverse is now normal. As our society is weakened with wicked and anti-Christian messages, we become evermore ready for a demented global leader who will promise amazing things but deliver misery and chaos instead. Historically, sexual perversion always portends the destruction of a society.

    On an individual level, all individuals need to recognize their tendency towards depravity and sin, then turn from that lifestyle to a loving and forgiving God, who will wipe away that wicked record from his memory on the inevitable judgement day, as all humans will bow the knee to Jesus Christ and confess that He is Lord on that day. Some will confess to their condemnation and others to their graceful admittance into His presence.

    The only “discussion” that should be occurring is in teaching our young people to reject this wicked lifestyle and embrace Christ as Savior, followed by a life lived with purpose and fulfillment for Him. That is true Hope and Change.

  5. Lyn Levens says:

    It has always been the practice of doing something that is controversial or blatant- by simply going ahead and doing it -instead of asking for and NOT getting permission- by just doing it and then saying that you’re sorry after the rage and criticism comes for doing it!

  6. Parents should be grateful…coulda’ been a mob hit man…or woman?

  7. Jim Macdonald says:

    The entire education system has been infested for decades with with liberals who promote history revision, common core math, ebonics, sexual perversion, political hatred, and gender confusion. The result is two generations of morons out there who can’t read, write, or communicate effectively. They can’t even count change, and most of them have no marketable skills or work ethic. They’re preoccupied with smartphones, video games, tattoos, body piercings, junk food, and drugs.

  8. I cannot believe the anti LGBTQAI+ parents took issue with this! They are raising their children to hate! Drag queens should be brought into all schools K-5

  9. Charlie Whiting says:

    It;s all good, right? Let’s celebrate mental illness…as a career even. What a drag.

  10. Michael Wolfe says:

    Who, in their right mind, wouldn’t have thought this wasn’t going to be controversial? The persons responsible for scheduling this person should be removed from their job. If for no other reason at least for being too stupid to work in school administration.

  11. Mark Ritchie says:


  12. Bob Olson says:

    Vote liberals in, this is what you get. Insanity

  13. Jeffrey M. Scott says:

    Every person on the school board who approved this “drag queen” coming to speak should be fired or voted out ASAP! That goes for the School’s administration and teaching staff as well! What the heck are these fools thinking????

  14. R Couch says:

    and the californiaperversionization of Colorado continues

  15. Giovanni Sagredo says:

    Did any of the kids think to ask “How much can a Drag Queen expect to make a year?”, “what can you do for career advancement?”, “did you have to study for this job?”, “what exactly do you do that people pay you?”, “My mom sticks long fat mechanical tubes into peoples colons, looks around inside, and occasionally cuts out little pieces of tissue that look bad and sends it to a lab to be tested. She gets paid for this, and If it was cancer she just saved someone’s life… what do you do for money?”

  16. Karen Sakala Shute says:

    This is the time for America to make their choice. Live free in a nation under GOD. Or live enslaved by the demoncrats in a satanic nation. GOD bless America and our President.

  17. Keith Diggs says:

    The people who invited this FREAK should be DRAGGED OUT OF THAT SCHOOL AND MURDERED IN THE STREET!!!!!

  18. Chuck Yates says:

    As a parent I would sue.

  19. This will be the norm if the Dems get in control of the country again. Don’t let that happen!

  20. Handy Andy says:

    Remember in November this is what the Democrats support. If u want drags queens for career day then vote for the Dems.

  21. Lee Campbell says:

    School Guest Speaker Planning Committee meeting:
    “Lets bring in a grown man who is possessed by a female demon”
    “Hey that’s a great idea!”

    :: shaking head ::

  22. Alafair Robicheaux says:

    I think everyone deserves respect and kindness and to not be bullied. A drag queen has nothing to do with school or careers, Not everyone has to agree with other peoples’ lifestyles and it is never ok to force someone to accept or made to feel you have to accept or else you are bigoted or a bad person just because you don’t agree with it.
    With that said because you agree or disagree with a person’s lifestyle you are not their judge, God is everyone’s judge. Example; someone disagrees with someone being transgender no one has a right to judge them as if you believe being transgender is a sin, well; overeating is a sin, living unmarried in a romantic relationship with your partner is a sin, looking at your neighbor and wanting something they have is a sin so, NO one but God can judge anyone. as a sin is a sin is a sin.
    As far as the Drag Queen at the elementary school; this was inappropriate for young school children, most don’t understand and just like teaching a child to love their dog or cat then taking them out to teach them to hunt a deer and then coming home to a fish or chicken dinner., these things are confusing to a child; imagine how they feel when they see mom and dad and their brothers and sisters, aunt and uncles, classmates and teachers and then this man comes into their classroom dressed as a woman. How does a child reconcile this in their mind? Even if they have had these things explained to them previously does not mean it makes sense to them.

  23. Lisal Christian says:

    Anyone who sends their children to a public indoctrination center can expect this sort of thing.

  24. Ethan Wayne says:

    I weep for our culture.

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