DENVER (CBS4) – Former California governor and Hollywood movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the University of Denver on Saturday. He joined Gov. John Hickenlooper to show their support for Amendments Y and Z.

Those measures aim to end gerrymandering and would change the redistricting process so it’s less partisan and creates more competitive districts.

Hickenlooper and Schwarzenegger’s goal is to make sure Coloradans are represented fairly in elections during tense political times.

“One is way to the left, one is way to the right. They can’t get together. They can’t come to an agreement because this rubber band does not go that far before it snaps. This is why gerrymandering is a horrible idea, and it has been going on for 200 years in America,” Schwarzenegger said.

Both amendments need at least 55 percent of voter’s support to pass.

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