EVANS, Colo. (CBS4) – A criminal investigation is underway in Evans after a teacher a video showing a teacher taping a student to a chair was turned over to police. Police Chief Rick Brandt said it happened Tuesday at Prairie Heights Middle School. Police received the video Thursday.

The video has not yet been released but police said the female teacher taped a male 7th grader to a chair with masking tape and wrapped him several times around his torso and thighs. Investigators also say the teacher was seen putting tape on the student’s mouth.

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Brandt said they believe the student was taped to the chair as a “punitive action” but said they had only conducted a brief preliminary interview with the student and did not provide any further explanation.

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In a news conference on Friday, Brandt said the video is approximately 13 seconds long and was apparently recorded by another student during school hours.

“Based on the content of the video no clear conclusion can be drawn, as to exactly what we’re dealing with,” Brandt said Friday. “However, after some interviews, of specifically the child involved in this, and others, the video taken in context with other information we have did raise our level of concern and it was clear that we did need to conduct a criminal investigation into this matter.”

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Brandt said the department has assigned two detectives to the case and he expects to spend the “lion’s share” of the next week or two investigating.

However, Brandt said there have been “no criminal charges contemplated or filed at this point.”

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Investigators believe other students may have also recorded the incident.

“We would ask that any Prairie Heights students and/or their parents, if they have a video, please share it with us,” Brandt said.

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The teacher has been put on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

  1. Jenny Ricca says:

    Seriously? Why is this even an issue? When I was in 2nd grade, Sister Peter Theresa tied me to my little desk with a red ribbon and told me to ‘make room for my guardian angel’. I scooted over. She’d had enough of me getting up to sharpen my pencil, go to the bathroom, go to the supply room, whatever my busy little self had to do. Nobody ‘raised a level of concern and EVER thought to have a criminal investigation. My guess is that the teacher, who is apparently well liked, just wanted to calm an energetic kid.
    Criminal investigation. What a joke.