By Tori Mason

DENVER (CBS4)– The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Victory House provides transitional housing for homeless veterans. One Colorado company is helping make that experience better for everyone involved.

“We are impacting the lives of over 18,000 people a year, helping them move on a pathway to stability and overcome homelessness,” said Meg Mullen, CEO of Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

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In addition to housing, the Victory House offers veterans vocational services, healthcare, food and counseling for substance abuse. There are around 10 veterans living in the High Street shelter location, but they help thousands of people every year.

Donations and community partners like Lockheed Martin help maintain it, so they can keep serving our veterans.

(credit: CBS)

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Lockheed Martin volunteers spent their Fridays clearing out gardens, painting bedroom walls and doing exterior repair work on the Victory House.

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Veterans represent nine percent of the homeless population.

Before he ended up here, Lamont Shannon served in Vietnam. The former preacher has a master’s degree and worked as a social studies teacher for 30 years.

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When his last living situation fell through, Shannon fell on hard times.

He is thankful for the Victory House shelter because it is unique.

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“Places like this give us a sense of dignity and a way of migrating back into society as a worthy citizen. We’ve served this country and we just need a little bit back. We just need someone to care about us so we can continue to care about ourselves,” said Shannon.

The Victory House helped more than 800 people last year and strives to continue to do more.

LINK: Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

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