By Kathy Walsh

DENVER (CBS4) – According to the city, more than 50 percent of what Denver throws in the trash can be composted. A “scrappy” company is dedicated to sending less waste to the landfill.

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It’s called, Scraps, a pedal-powered compost pickup service. The founder is 36-year-old Christi Turner.

Five days a week, she rides a tricycle up to 40 miles a day picking up bags of what most people throw out. Turner is on a mission to turn waste into something wonderful.

Christi Turner (credit: CBS)

“Are you sort of Denver’s ‘Queen of Compost?'” asked CBS 4’s Kathy Walsh.

“I prefer ‘Trash Lady,'” Turner laughed.

Scraps are what Turner hauls away on her trusty tricycle; food scraps and anything compostable.

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“We’re all about expanding opportunities to compost in Denver,” she said.

Scraps picks up where the city compost program leaves off, covering larger residential buildings and businesses on bikes and trikes.

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“It doesn’t matter if it’s a narrow alley or there’s overhead wires or it’s difficult to access, we can figure out how to service you,” explained Turner.

At Zepellin Station, vendors sort food waste, customers dump leftovers, even compostable utensils into special bins. The food hall is one of Scraps 400 paying customers.

“We’ve picked up more than 150,000 pounds of compostables in a little over a year and a half,” Turner said.

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Schooled in sustainability, waste gets Turner worked up. She’s committed to turning trash into nutrient rich soil.

Sorting through every sack before dropping it into Alpine Company dumpsters is a dirty job, but she’s happy to do it. Turner’s ultimate goal is making composting cool.

Scraps’ service costs $15 a month for residential customers, $50 a month for offices and $75 a month for restaurants.

To learn more about Scraps’ service and prices go to

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