By Danielle Chavira

EL PASO, Texas (CBS4) – A video of a mother in El Paso, Texas has gone viral after her 13-year-old son turned off the WiFi in their home so she couldn’t see him steal her brand new BMW via the security cameras.

It didn’t take long before mom realized what happened and started driving around to find him. The whole ordeal was caught on video thanks to the teenager’s older sister, Liza.

The boy took the car to his girlfriend’s house, but he was gone by the time mom showed up.

Mom, furious by now, was tipped off by the boy’s best friend’s mother of their next stop — another girl’s home where they spent time practicing for a quinceñera.

“She made me bring a belt to whoop his (expletive),” Liza wrote on Twitter.

After mom and Liza tracked the boy down, she pulled up beside the BMW while honking the horn. She yelled, “Pull over now!”

As soon as the two cars pull over, mom tells Liza “Give me the belt,” and she marched up to the BMW. The door opened, and mom grabbed the teenager and started spanking him.

“She said when she opened the door, he was smirking, and as soon as he saw the belt, he wiped the smile off his face,” Liza told KTRK.

She said that her brother had his cell phone and PlayStation 4 taken away for the rest of the year and his bedroom door was taken off.

And he’s grounded “until 2019 or further notice.”

Danielle Chavira is a digital producer for CBS4. She’s an avid runner and novice flyfisher. Connect with her on Twitter @danielle_c8.

Comments (5)
  1. Chris Bennett says:

    way to go mom!!!

  2. Sue Miles says:

    Parenting at its best well done hope it stops him in his tracks

  3. Way to go, mom!

    Now waiting for the “child abuse” comments to show up….

    1. Rick LeRoy says:

      “Now waiting for the “child abuse” comments to show up….” Ok. Abuse and human rights violation. The actions of parents and the conditions these teens are in are causing them the problems and the results show. He stole his mother’s BMW and drove it to his girlfriend’s house without any damage to the vehicle. This shows he is skillful, careful, and a human being with complex thoughts and emotions who seeks human interpersonal interaction, and love. He knows how to disable a video surveillance system which is a form of protection, which means he shows the capacity to enable protection.

      No it’s not right for a teen to steal his mother’s BMW. If the parents of both the son and his girlfriend provided a realistic environment that promotes a structured, responsible, safe and healthy environment for development of their relationship he wouldn’t have stolen the car. By trying to stop them from meeting, they are actually stopping or inhibiting contraceptive access. In the US parents already will drive their teen to stay at their same-sex friend’s house over night, so they could also take their son or daughter to see their girlfriend or boyfriend. If the distance is far, it could be once a month, if the distance is close it could be once every week or two, but only if their getting most of their homework done, or they can finish the rest together because they can concentrate, because they have a balanced life and have gotten past certain developmental milestones and not being “poked in a cage” like an animal while growing up.

      She belted her son as punishment, and had his Playstation 4 and the door to his room taken away for at least a year or “until further notice”. So this puts him in a position where now he doesn’t even have the decency of his own privacy and now he definitely can’t trust his own mother with advice and help for his relationship development. She’s trying to stop him but can’t lock him up 24/7. If someone “chased you around with the broom” do you think this increases, or decreases the chances of you forgetting a certain item? Contraceptives. Now he’ll be on his own, on foot at unplanned times whenever she’s not able to imprison a teenager’s feelings. On foot, sporadic timing, more likely in the middle of the night. Retail, convenience stores or other resources that carry contraception can close at night, or are not in walking range. His mother is increasing the chance of teen pregnancy and abortion, and interfering with his ability to be responsible. This puts the couple’s future at risk, and increases the chances of acquiring an STD. Let them have memories of a fairytale in a stable example without anguish, so they know how treat their partner when they get married and have these calm and responsible memories at home to think back on, not chaotic memories of being treated like an animal in a cage.

      The United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy, and STDs in the developed world, even if you just look at caucasians only, or individual states. The exception being some North East states, and some counties with median household incomes approximately over $75,000 which are only barely competitive with a couple of Western European nations. In Nordic countries and a few others they don’t leave their teens out in the street to make love, they can in the comfort and safety of their own bedroom. They can talk openly with their parents about this, and don’t get in trouble for have contraceptives on them.
      Denying teens the right to information about their bodies (sex ed), making it hard for them to get contraception, telling them not until 18, after college, marriage etc but not considering anything before then is putting them at risk and the results show.
      Stop the punishment, neglect. Take your teens seriously. Teach them how to love. Teenagers are people too. American parents think they are stopping problems, but actually they are causing them problems and putting them at risk. The teen years are a transitionary period into adulthood, during this time they learn the skills they’ll need to become an adult. American parents try to keep them as a punished child, and then when they turn 18 expect them to just know how to be an adult with only sporadic chaotic experience. You know this trashy culture we have in the media? The people who make this, how did they learn about love and relationships? The culture reflects how people are being treated in the US when they are learning. Instead it should be clean, responsible, mutual, and happy. (To the general public, a bit different for different people) Just because your parents punished you doesn’t mean you need to do that to your teens. Think back, was any hardships from the love itself, or how it was treated? Now think forward, change, try to be better than that.

  4. Silverayne Smith says:

    It is 100% child abuse to belt your child no matter what they heck they do. Its called bad parenting at its finest.