PARKER, Colo. (CBS4)– Three more businesses were struck early Tuesday morning, just one day after seven businesses were hit early Monday morning.

Police say that the businesses burglarized shortly after 5 a.m. include:

Cost Cutters, 12089 Parker Road
The Local, 19565 Mainstreet
Swirls Frozen Yogurt, 19751 Mainstreet

(credit: Parker Police)

Investigators say the three businesses were burglarized in the same manner as the seven the day before: the suspect smashed a front window to get inside the business.

Chad Maddox, owner of Swirls Frozen Yogurt, showed CBS4 surveillance of the incident. Maddox says one small bit of satisfaction was seeing the thief scared by a noise activated halloween decoration.

(credit: CBS)

“He came in and we had the scarecrow guy on a motion sensor and he went off,” said Maddox.

Unfortunately for Maddox, seeing the split second of fear the thief had, doesn’t make up for the act.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s sad, it’s you know, targeting small businesses. All of them which put their hearts and souls into their businesses. To have somebody come in here and take it from you like that.”

Maddox even took additional measures to make sure he didn’t become a target.

“I emptied the cash drawer and I put the cash drawer outside facing the front door.”

The thief, who Maddox says cased the place moments before, failed to see the register was empty.

“I guess the guy is not the sharpest tool.”

Maddox, who has been in business for seven years, was just thankful that he could stay open for business and none of his product was taken. His customers are his number one priority.

Police say those hit early Tuesday are being investigated with the possibility of being linked to those hit early Monday morning. They are also considering the string of smash-and-grabs across the Denver metro area as possibly being linked to the Parker cases.

(credit: CBS)

The suspect was wearing a ski mask and gloves.

Police say they will increase patrols in the business community and the Town of Parker and urge everyone to be vigilant.

(credit: CBS)

Additional Information from Parker Police:

If you see something that looks suspicious, please
call the Parker Police Department at 303.841.9800. If you see a crime being committed, call 911.

There are a few things that businesses can do to make themselves less appealing to a criminal and can help mitigate losses in the event of a crime:

1. Hide Valuables-Make your business less appealing to criminals. They like to window shop! In the video we released from the burglary at Honey Baked Ham on October 15, the suspect looks through the window before breaking in and stealing two tablets.

2. Empty Cash Registers at Night-Each night, empty out your cash drawers and place them in a locked safe. It’s important to lock your safe each night as well. If it isn’t locked it’s nothing more than a signal to thieves were to find valuables.

3. Evening Security Lighting-Have after-hours security lighting for your business so it isn’t dark inside. Criminals like to commit crimes in the dark so they can’t be caught or identified. Lighting can act as a deterrent and allows residents/officers to see into the business and notice criminal activity.

4. Working Security Systems-Just having the cameras isn’t enough. Your system needs to be updated and maintained. Far too often we arrive at a crime scene and the business owner tells us their surveillance system doesn’t work. Videos and pictures of criminals are critical to identifying and linking a suspect to crimes.