By Lauren Whitney


Back to sunshine and warmer temperatures after our snowy Sunday. We climbed to the upper 40s after we dropped to 18 degrees early in the morning on Monday. This was a record low, it had never been so cold on Oct. 15.

Copter4 flew over Boulder and the flatirons Monday morning. (credit: CBS)

While the upper 40s are still a bit chilly, it felt so much warmer outside after our freezing Sunday.

We really start to warm back up on Tuesday when highs climb back to the mid 50s, and we’ll head to the 60s on Thursday. We will be very dry in Denver this week, but the mountains may see some light snow showers this week.


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  2. Doreen Gaydoon says:

    “My name is Ruin” – Gary Numan Climate is weather until we tell you otherwise.

  3. Absolute proof that there is NOT enough CO2 over Denver. Folks on the West Coast are encouraged to run their vehicles all night with the hopes that their carbon monoxide foot print will drift over Denver and thereby raise their temperatures to more comfortable levels.

  4. Jocko Petuney says:

    It’s like Autumn got skipped and it’s mid-winter. I can’t remember anything like this. I’m bundled up like it’s mid-winter!


  6. caffeineator says:

    “Never” is a loser’s term. We’ve gone through more than a dozen glacial periods when the earth was almost entirely covered in ice. They were during “never”. Using hyperbole cheapens a report.

  7. Dan Tige says:

    Back to the future… 1970s?

  8. Kurt Smith says:

    OK…perhaps without any insults or name-calling, someone explain to me how the greenhouse affect makes places a lot colder than they should be. ?? Tks.

    1. Jake Fontaine says:

      That’s not the greenhouse effect — that’s what’s known as “climate chaos”. It’s a well-known phenomenon that occurs whenever reality deviates from the political agenda of government-funded climatologists. To counter it, simply repeat the mantra, “weather’s not climate” until you can adjust the measurements back to “imminent catastrophe.”

  9. William Powell says:

    Yeah… that global warming is really kicking in. CO2 has been climbing apace for many years now. What was predicted to be a ‘tipping point’ has been PROVEN to be BS! CO2 is NOT causing global warming – some other affect or dynamic was at work and has since abated.

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