WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) –  The Coors family is currently mourning the loss of William Coors, former chairman of Coors Brewing Company. He passed away on Saturday at the age of 102.

(credit: CBS)

The same day of his passing, the family was made aware of vandalism on the gravesite of another patriarch — Adolph Coors — the founder of Coors Brewing Company.

Adolph Coors’ gravesite vandalized in Wheat Ridge. (credit: CBS)

Someone covered Coors’ tombstone in spray paint at Crown Hill Cemetery in Wheat Ridge a few days ago. Nearby gravesites were in pristine condition.

The Coors family released a statement on Sunday:

It’s already a sad time for our family as we mourn the loss of one our patriarchs – Bill Coors. It reminds us of the tremendous impact that one can make when you are hard-working, kind and charitable. This senseless and shameful act of vandalism at the Adolph Coors gravesite runs counter to everything Bill and the rest of our family stands for.

It’s not clear if police have any persons of interest or suspect descriptions.

  1. Le Curington says:

    I’m so sorry that there are such mean people in this world and mean people did this. One thing I know for sure is God won’t let them get away with this, They may think they did, but it will happen back to them 3 fold. I am so sorry.

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