BRANSON, Mo. (CBS4) – A Douglas County Sheriff’s deputy received a hero’s welcome in Branson, Missouri last weekend. Deputy Taylor Davis was injured in the New Year’s Eve shooting which killed Deputy Zack Parrish in Douglas County.

(credit: CBS)

After Davis responded, she became trapped on the second floor with the shooter who was firing through the wall at her. She then jumped out of the window and fell to the ground.

Taylor Davis (center) (credit: CBS)

Over the weekend, agencies including the National Law Enforcement Week Committee and the Branson Police Department hosted Davis and her family.

(credit: CBS)

The committee says Davis was not able to attend National Law Enforcement Week in Branson until now.

(credit: CBS)

After months of recovery, Davis is now back to full duty and works as a School Resource Officer.

The Branson area sponsors National Law Enforcement Week every June and provides “scholarships” for four or five attendees who are nominated after they have been injured in the line of duty or for families who have lost an officer to a line of duty incident.

The committee elected to extend the scholarship for Davis to any time this year.

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