JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– Bears are making their way closer to homes in the mountains and foothills, searching for food as the seasons change. That means more bear encounters.

One resident near Lookout Mountain in Jefferson County, who didn’t want to be identified, sent CBS4 video of a bear opening the door on his truck. The bear wasn’t alone, there was another bear standing on the side of the driveway.

(credit: Jefferson County homeowner)

The bear just stands up on his hind legs, opens the truck door and looks inside. The truck’s owner told us that he keeps a very clean vehicle so the bear quickly lost interest and wandered away with his friend who was on the lookout.

(credit: Jefferson County homeowner)

The same CBS4 viewer sent us another video from his home showing a bear wandering onto his deck.

Another Jefferson County resident, Suzan Turner, sent us video of a bear walking by the front door of her home.

(credit: Suzan Turner)

This is a good reminder to keep track locked up along with all food that would attract bears, especially during this time of year.


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