(CBS4) — A couple of University of Utah football fans saw their dreams of buying season tickets get completely shredded. Literally.

According to Twitter user @Benbelnap, he and his wife had saved up $1,060 and he was going to give his mom the cash to buy the tickets. But when they went to give her the money, the couldn’t find the envelope.

Until they checked the shredder.

“Yup. 2 year old shredded $1,060,” Belnap tweeted.

Belnap said it took a few hours to get over the shock but then he was able to joke about it.

“Maybe he’s protesting that he has to stay home with the sitter while mom and dad go to the game?? Haha,” he tweeted.

“…it really is hilarious. Will make for a good wedding story!” he added later.

“Just don’t let him know where you are keeping the money you are saving for that wedding,” one Twitter user replied.

Belnap also responded to people who noticed his son seems really big for a 2 year old.

“Little guy is very, very tall for his age. Can’t talk much but rides that bike like a beast!”

“He’ll pay y’all back with a full basketball scholarship to Utah in about 15 years,” another Twitter user responded.

Turns out, the Belnaps won’t have to wait that long to see a return on their investment.

Despite the Diet Coke visible in one of the photos, another beverage company is stepping up to make sure they get to go to the games.

“Thanks to Dr Pepper, it looks like the family will be getting a real-life replay,” representatives from the company said in a news release. “Dr Pepper, the official drink of fans, threw out an offer to Ben and Jackee Belnap on Twitter this morning to cover the cost of the tickets. Dr Pepper is all about fueling “fandom” for the college football season and is excited to celebrate Ben and his family’s dedication to the Utes.”

On top of that, the Belnaps were invited to join the team on the sidelines for the Arizona pregame.



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