COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – El Paso County sheriff’s deputies seized heroin, meth, marijuana plants and a large number of guns in a major drug bust this week.

(credit: El Paso County)

The sheriff says the deputies involved in the operation got lucky Wednesday night. The two men inside the home on the 14300 block Holmes Road that was targeted were high on heroin and didn’t put up much of a struggle when they entered.

With the amount of weapons in their arsenal, had it turned into a shootout the operation could have had a dangerous outcome.

“We’re lucky the way it went today,” El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder told CBS4 partner KKTV.

The suspects were renting the home in the Black Forest area for about $5,000 a month. They were growing roughly 400 marijuana plants inside.

“It’s a very sophisticated grow,” Elder said. “I think the owner is going to be pretty shocked the condition of the house.”


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