(CBS4) – The sight of a football linebacker tackling someone in the hallway of an office is an old funny gag in sports advertising (remember Terry Tate?). But we’re guessing you’ve never seen an office-themed ad where a linebacker tackles … a chicken.

Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller does just such a thing in a new “This is Sportscenter” ad from ESPN. It’s one in a long string of funny Sportscenter ads that feature athletes in their uniforms pretending to be office workers.

According to the ad, Miller wanted to build a chicken coop in ESPN’s offices. (You may remember that Miller majored in poultry sciences at Texas A&M and has a poultry farm on some property he owns in the Dallas area.)

Von Miller (credit: Denver Broncos)

ESPN says they didn’t let him build the coop, but they did allow a bird cage. And in that “cage” are several winged sports mascots including the University of Louisville’s Cardinal Bird performing routine office tasks. Miller comments that while the cage didn’t have any chickens “he snuck one in.”

The San Diego Chicken  (credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

That chicken is the famous San Diego Chicken, who escapes in hilarious fashion after Miller spots him filling up at the water cooler and begins chase.

The great final scene shows Miller tackling the loose chicken and ESPN’s Kenny Mayne saying “Chicken farming’s a tough business. I don’t know how Von does it.”

In case you’re wondering what Miller’s sack totals are after four weeks of the 2018 season, it’s 4 (on QBs) & 1 (on a chicken).


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