(CBS/KUTV) — Is it a dog? Is it a mountain lion? A “creature” walked right through reporter Morgan Saxton’s live shot on KUTV’s 2News This Morning, sparking debated about what the animal actually was.

Saxton was talking about overnight flooding in Utah County when the animal walked right through her live shot.

After posting the video on social media, KUTV staff and viewers commented on what they thought the animal is. Some thought it was a dog, others believed it was a mountain lion.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources responded to KUTV’s Holly Menino, stating that biologists were heading to the area to identify the animal.

“Our biologists are trying to determine if the animal was a cougar. From the video, it’s difficult to tell. We will visit the scene this morning and look for tracks or any other signs to help positively identify the animal,” Utah DWR wrote on Twitter.

After investigating, Utah DWR determined that it was a dog that walked through the live shot, not a mountain lion.

“This is the paw print found in the mud after my live shot. says the foothills are know for cougar sightings AND the way it walked it could have easily been mistaken for one. BUT they are 99% sure it was a DOG that stole the show!” Saxton tweeted.

A few hours after the close encounter, Saxton managed to track down the previously unidentified news crasher.

“The owner of this camera-friendly fella just sent us a picture of their pup who made it’s way into my live shot this morning. Come back anytime!” she tweeted.


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