DENVER (CBS4) — Two popular residents will be leaving the Denver Zoo. The zoo’s two polar bears are being separated and sent to two other zoos in the hopes they produce offspring with new mates.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

“Cranbeary, our 16-year-old female, will leave this month for The Alaska Zoo, while Lee, her 18-year-old mate, will depart later in the fall for Columbus Zoo and Aquarium,” Jake Kubié, Director of Communications for the zoo said in a statement released Tuesday.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

Kubié said the move is being made at the recommendation of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan.

There’s no word when the Denver Zoo will have polar bears on exhibit again.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

The zoo’s grizzly bears will be moved into the exhibit.

Kubié said bringing polar bears back to the zoo would require “raising the necessary funds and sufficient time to plan for and construct a new, innovative exhibit.”

  1. Kathi McCulley says:

    Aren’t these bears bonded? Isn’t there a chance they will grieve for each other? I find this very sad.

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