By Jamie Leary

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office is investigating a Colorado moving company, 300 Movers, after it over-charged a client by more than $2,000. All to move a treadmill.

Robert Alexander bought the treadmill in December of 2017. He says the company recommended Aurora-based 300 Movers, which agreed to charge Robert $272.

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Robert needs the treadmill for physical therapy; he was seriously injured in a car accident.

Robert Alexander (credit: CBS)

Robert still has health issues as a result of the accident and shortly after the treadmill was delivered, he collapsed. He ended up in the hospital and for over a month, he was back and forth for treatment.

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“I got out of the hospital and I went to get some medication and they declined my credit card and I couldn’t figure out why because I have plenty of credit,” said Robert.

By the time he called his bank to dispute the charges, it was beyond 60 days and he was told he needed to resolve the issue with the company.

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Robert called the owner of 300 Movers, Noah Mwambay, who told him he would pay him back but after repeated calls and no money, Robert lost hope.

“I’m really angry with him. I mean, I thought he was really trustworthy and stuff and he just keeps pushing me off and pushing me off,” said Robert.

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There were a total of three charges on Robert’s credit card. One for the agreed upon amount, another for $108.78 and a third for $2,184.53.

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Robert’s fixed income was not enough to cover the credit card bill; he could not recover financially and decided he would have to sell his home.

(credit: 300 Movers)

“I can’t imagine how many other people he has doing it to,” said Robert.

CBS4 reached out to 300 Movers and found several disconnected numbers. One number with a 970 area code led to a voicemail with a 720 area code. We called the number once more and Noah Mwambay answered.

CBS4’s Jamie Leary (credit: CBS)

“300 Movers, how can I help you?”

We explained why we were calling and as Noah had done with Robert for months, he made excuses.

“We just lost our office… just because the rent went up and we couldn’t afford it,” said Noah.

(credit: 300 Movers)

While Noah is the only one listed on his business license, he blamed the charges on a bad partner.

“I had a partner and I’m not going to say the partners name, that’s classified information,” Noah continued, “I ran into this predicament trusting people and it’s led me all the way the wrong way and now I have to take a hold of this situation before it goes way to far.”

This time, Noah said he would pay Robert back. The following day he texted Robert a photo of a check for $2,200 but never delivered.

(credit: 300 Movers)

CBS4 reached out to Noah once more to let him know we would be proceeding with the story. That week, Noah sent Robert a money order for $300 from with a promise of more to come.

Robert is not the only customer that has expressed concern over the practices of the company. When CBS4 inquired about other complaints, Noah said he would work to resolve each of them.

He says he is no longer operating the company.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State’s business database, 300 Movers is in good standing. It is due for a periodic report on Sept. 30. If Noah fails to file this, the company will become delinquent.

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