By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado has the second largest Aerospace industry in the country, and one startup in Denver is catching the eye of Boeing as it develops the future of space communication.

(credit: CBS)

BridgeSat set up its headquarters in November, but is expected to grow thanks to a new round of capital investment.

Rick Sanford (credit: CBS)

“BridgeSat is an optical communications company focused on providing laser communications services from satellites and airplanes to the ground,” said Rick Sanford, the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for BridgeSat. “That allows us to do very high speed data communications. Our first products are one gigabit and 10 gigabits per second.”

BridgeSat has one optical ground station, but is on pace to build nine more. The stations communicate with satellites when they pass over and exchange information and date through lasers.

(credit: CBS)

“By opening a new spectrum for communications that offers virtually unlimited bandwidth,” said Sanford.

(credit: CBS)

BridgeSat is hosting a panel at Denver Startup Week on Sept. 26 about the role Aerospace startups play in Colorado’s economy.

LINK: BridgeSat Denver Startup Week

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