DENVER (CBS4) — Have you ever seen what $30 million looks like? Now you have the chance. The Money Museum on the 16th Street Mall has been closed since March, but it’s reopening Monday with some new renovations and exhibits.

This museum already gets a lot of traffic but these new exhibits are supposed to bring even more guests in.


While there are a lot of new features, many old favorites are still here — like the display of $30 million in cash.


This is actually the most visited money museum in the Federal Reserve System. About 60,000 people come here every year. Now they’ll be able to interact with more than a dozen new exhibits.


New features to the museum include a money personality quiz and a redesigned counterfeit exhibit where guests can touch and smell currency.


The museum hopes these new displays will increase engagement and enhance the guest experience.

Admission is free and you’ll even leave with some cash — although it’s been shredded.

The museum reopens on Monday, Sept. 16.





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