By Dominic Garcia

DENVER (CBS4)– When she was 6 years old, Dominiece Gilmore was about as shy as it gets. But after spending seven years at Girls Inc in Denver, she’s completely changed.

“Ever since I’ve been in this program, it’s taught me to open up and be myself because in this space no one can judge anyone,” she told CBS4.

Dominiece Gilmore (credit: CBS)

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver serves approximately 2,400 girls and youth annually through its center based and school programs, which include after-school and summer programs, evening and weekend workshops, and break programming. On Thursday, their facility on Julian Street opened their new STEM Space.

(credit: CBS)

“It makes me empowered and it makes me want to do my best I can do, especially when I’m in a space like this,” Dominiece told CBS4 Denver.

“I was like this is amazing, I never seen a room like this. I’ve never seen a 3-D printer, I was very surprised to see it and I was like wow it’s very nice,” said Jordan Leopold, a 10-year-old who attends Girls Inc.

(credit: CBS)

The facility has virtual reality sets, tools, a mobile photo studio, and even a 3-D printer. It was made possible because of a $20,000 grant from U.S. Bank.

“We’re taking girls, empowering them through STEM science and things. But it’s also fun. I mean look around at the space we created… it’s not just all work and nose in the books,” said Susie Roh, a Senior VP with U.S. Bank.

Susie Roh (credit: CBS)

She says the 3-D printer is great because it gives girls something tangible, something they can create.

Gilmore’s dream is to go into engineering. Girls Inc. has given her the confidence to chase that dream, and now the resources.

(credit: CBS)

“This place has always been a second home to me and will always continue to be a second home to me.”

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Dominic Garcia