DENVER (CBS4) – RTD approved a rate change that will give low income riders a discount in exchange for an increase for other riders. But the change isn’t official just yet.

In the rate change approved by the RTD Board Committee Tuesday night, local fares jump to $3, regional fares $5.25 and rides to DIA cost $10.50.

(credit: CBS)

Low income riders would get a 40 percent discount and children ages 6 to 19 would get a 70 percent discount.

(credit: CBS)

The RTD Board gave preliminary approval to the fare changes but there will be a final vote next Tuesday with changes taking effect in January.

(credit: CBS)

LINK: RTD Fare Review

  1. Jm Fay says:

    The disabled / medicaid get no benefit at all and some of us are transit dependent as well low income. We already get 50 % off but its off the base fare so this means our costs are going to go up but SS did not or not very much.

    Meanwhile are we means testing the parents of the 6 to 19 year olds? no we arent so how do we know they cant afford to pay the same fare as the disabled ./ medicaid? and dont need the extra 20 % off?

    Meanwhile we also give 40 % off to those up to 185 % of the poverty line.

    Airport fares are still the same cost one way as round trip which makes no sense.

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