DENVER (CBS4) — It looks a little awkward, but we have to admit we’re impressed by this woman.

A video shared on Reddit shows a woman in a skirt and heels, with a big, black shoulder bag, skateboarding down the streets of Denver.

The video, which was posted Wednesday, already had over 1.5 million views by Thursday afternoon.

You can see her skate past the Unleaded Group — and two patrol cars — in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood.

The mystery woman’s method of transportation sparked a lot of comments — and speculation.

“I can barely walk in heels, and here you are skating to work all casual like,” Reddit user nickknight wrote.

“Living her best life,” another user commented.

“I’m definitely gonna have to marry this one…” nan8150 wrote.

“Skatebroad,” another summarized.

Some theorized that she might be headed to a job interview.

“Interview day? Locked herself out the house, car wouldn’t start, no change for bus… son’s skateboard propped outside to save the day!” one person guessed.

“So your qualifications are Mcflips, Five foot Ollies, handrails, Office 2016, and a few flavors of Linux? When can you start?” another joked.

“If she doesn’t get the job she can just yell ‘Later losers’ and skate out,” one person wrote on Imgur.

Others just wanted to know if she got to her destination without breaking a leg.

“Did she make it?” one person asked.

We don’t know the answer, but if you do, let us know!



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