DENVER (CBS4) — The Denver Zoo welcomed two new babies over Labor Day weekend — a female Cape buffalo named Poncho and a rare, endangered male okapi calf named Romakari.

“Both calves are healthy and thriving under the protective care of their mothers, and being closely monitored by the Zoo’s animal care and veterinary staff,” said Jake Kubié, Director of Communications, with the zoo.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

Poncho, who was born on Monday morning to mom, Rain. Poncho is already spending the majority of her time in the herd’s outdoor habitat and is often easily viewable to visitors.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

Romakari was born on Sunday afternoon to mom, Almasi.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

“He is currently being kept behind the scenes, where he will likely remain for at least a month until keepers are confident he’ll follow Almasi outdoors,” officials said.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

Okapis are native only to the Ituri Forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo and are listed as “Endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, primarily due to logging, human settlement and hunting.



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