SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A woman living with lives with Down Syndrome is now seeing her dreams take flight. Tracy Sharp always wanted to be a flight attendant, and on Friday she became one.

Southwest Airlines allowed Sharp to serve as an assistant flight attendant on a flight from Sacramento to Seattle.


Southwest veteran flight attendant Vicki Heath helped make it all possible after she befriended Sharp on a recent trip.

“We met on the airplane, and look at that smile, OK,” Heath said.

Asked what it felt like to help Sharp, Heath became emotional.

“Oh, you’re going to make me cry,” Heath said. “I feel like I’m living my purpose driven life, and that’s huge.”

Pictures show Sharp at work- walking down the plane’s aisles and checking on passengers. Her mom and dad were on the flight, too.

“Its just amazing what they’re doing for Tracy,” her father, Terry Sharp, said.

“I just can’t believe that she gets the opportunity to do something she’s wanted to do,” Tracy’s mother Linda Sharp said.

Tracy had a surprise for her parents on the flight, too. It was their anniversary and she served them each a glass of champagne.

After the flight landed, the passengers all gave her a huge round of applause.


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