DENVER (CBS4)– Many viewers have written CBS4 about a political ad that features CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd.

The ad is in opposition to a proposed ballot initiative that would limit drilling in Colorado.

Many viewers have expressed concern over why Shaun Boyd was allowed to be part of the ad. In this Reality Check, Shaun explains.

Click here to see all of CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd’s Reality Check reports.

Comments (3)
  1. Jerry Korrell says:

    With directional drilling there is absolutely no reason for oil and gas drilling to be done anywhere near residential areas or schools. Any drilling engineer, with the proper equipment, can turn their drill bore horizontal and go for thousands of feet (even miles) to hit a deposit easily. But, it might cost the company a few more dollars and, of course, money is so much more important than human heath to oil and gas companies. I know, as I was an environmental engineer for an oil company for 20 years.

  2. Brian Michael says:

    I thought “Fair Use” had to be fair and kept in context so as not be be distorted and dishonest. It seems to me like this is a case of “False Light” and reasonable to bring a lawsuit. I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

  3. Nicholas Peros says:

    These are the same scare tactics the coal companies used in Appalachia. I wonder if Molly Hughes or her benefactors live near oil drilling sites?

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