DENVER (CBS4) — A Denver mom says she was pushing her daughter in a stroller in downtown when another woman tackled her from behind, grabbed the stroller and started running away with the baby.

The mother, was identified only as J. Jones by The Denver Post, because she is living at a shelter for domestic violence victims.

According to the Statement of Probable Cause, Jones told police it happened near East Colfax Avenue and North Downing Street at about 3 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 19.


Jones said an unknown woman approached her and asked to hold the baby. Jones said no, stating “No, we are in a hurry.”

Jones told police the woman, later identified as 35-year-old Kelly Rae Gregory, kept following her. Jones said Gregory grabbed her and pulled her away from the stroller.

Then Gregory reportedly rushed away with the stroller with the 7-month-old baby inside.

Jones told police she yelled “Get away from my child!”

She pushed Gregory away from the stroller and tried to leave, but Jones said Gregory ran after her again. Police confirmed the Denver Post’s report that Jones punched Gregory in the face and ran into a 7-Eleven to wait for Gregory to leave the area.

When Gregory walked past the 7-Eleven and out of sight, Jones left the store and started heading back to the shelter.

Just a few minutes later, Jones said Gregory appeared from behind the store and ran at her a third time.

Jones said she ran into a nearby pizza shop and called 911 — and that Gregory stood outside the business until police showed up.

Gregory started walking away and police arrested her at 1201 E. 16th Ave. According to the Statement of Probable Cause, Jones showed up and positively identified Gregory as the attempted kidnapper.

Kelly Gregory (Denver Police Department)

The Denver Post reports that Gregory is a Texas drug fugitive who has fled twice from supervision — once while awaiting trial and then while on probation. She was also accused of assaulting a family member in 2015 and charged with multiple counts of drug possession in 2016 and 2017, but was sentenced to probation in each case.

Gregory is now facing one felony count of criminal attempt to commit second degree kidnapping.

Her next hearing is scheduled for Sept. 11.



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