LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – The airport in the fort Collins-Loveland area could start testing a remote control tower later this year. Searidge Technologies, a Canadian company, has reached a deal to test its system at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport.

(credit: CBS)

The system uses cameras mounted on the terminal to interact with pilots.

The Northern Colorado Regional Airport was chosen because of its traffic volume and a wide variety of aircraft.

(credit: CBS)

Searidge Technologies has approval from the FAA to do the testing. The project is being funded by the Colorado Division of Aeronautics.

“(It) will help establish Colorado as a leader in the next generation of air traffic control technology,” said CDA director David Ulane in a prepared statement.

  1. As a current controller, this is a horrible idea for many reasons. I have been to a number of conferences and conventions where this has been discussed and it leaves more questions than answers. What happens if a wasp nest forms over a camera overlooking a critical area of the runway? What happens if this same camera or any others black out? What happens when the lone controller working the screens gets overwhelmed with traffic and is the only one on shift at the time? FNL handles north of 100k operations per year. This is NOT the airport to be testing this sort of technology.

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