By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – The idea is simple, use water to power cleaner rivers. An engineering class at University of Colorado Denver is working on a device that can get trash out of rivers and creeks.

(credit: CU Denver)

“The water will move this wheel, the wheel is connected to gears,” said Rida Ezznagui, as he explained how the river cleaner works. “The screw will rotate in a manner that will pick up the trash upwards.”

(credit: CBS)

The idea started a year ago, but over the course of two semesters students tinkered and fine-tuned the contraption. It’s been in Cherry Creek four times and drawn onlookers.

“A lot of people were surprised about it, and they stopped by and they were amazed,” said Muaath Albadin. “But they love it.”

(credit: CBS)

Albadin admitted even he was surprised the first time the machine was placed in the water. He didn’t think it would work because of gear issues and low water flow. He was proven wrong and wants to make more improvements on the next prototype.

(credit: CBS)

“Second generation we’re looking forward to seeing it. I think it will be greater than this,” Albadin said.

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    Sounds like Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel!

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