AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A true melting pot — Aurora is the most diverse city in Colorado. Saturday, communities from all over the world celebrated as part of Global Fest at the Aurora Municipal Center.

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The big message many walked away with was we’re more alike than we may think.

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Coloradans who are curious about other cultures didn’t need a passport to travel across the globe.

“I’m Israeli-born and raised for 27 years, and I moved to America 15 years ago,” said one woman.

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People from more than 100 countries came together to show off their traditions. Peruvian, Rosana Gerimata has called Aurora home for 30 years.

“We have to be proud of our culture, and we need to show our children we also have history and we are coming from Peru, but we can also be part of community here in the United States,” Gerimata said.

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Romanian dancers, ethnic food and origami were just some of the highlights for locals.

“We’re trying this one from Kenya. It’s called a samosa. It’s spicy — only $2 and it’s delicious. I think you would try things you wouldn’t normally eat. Now, I want to know if there’s a Kenyan restaurant in Aurora,” said one resident.

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“I moved here 18 years ago for opportunities. That is still true, yes this country is full of opportunities,” said Olga Shakalova, originally from Russia.

She says events like these teach her American daughter to celebrate the contributions of immigrants and refugees from around the world.

“This opens people to different cultures, to different languages, to different dresses. You hear all this and maybe become more tolerant,” Shakalova said.

CBS4’s Dave Aguilera emcees Aurora Global Fest. (credit: CBS)

One in five Aurora residents was born outside of the United States. CBS4’s Dave Aguilera proudly emceed the event.