DENVER (CBS4) – The casual café, Call, in the River North Arts District made Bon Appetit magazine’s “Hot 10” list for 2018, a distinction that often helps those in the industry take off. Call is the only Colorado restaurant on that list.

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“Being one of America’s best new restaurants has blown us away. We were not expecting that,” said Craig Lieberman, Call’s founder. “We’re obviously extremely proud and thrilled to represent Colorado.”

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Lieberman runs the new spot with Duncan Holmes and Allison Anderson. They opened Call seven months ago and have quickly developed a following in their Denver neighborhood.

“We love the outdoor atmosphere. Their food is awesome. It’s all freshly made,” said Matt Wetzel, a frequent customer. “I just think they have an interesting little setup and that’s why, maybe they won.”

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Located on Larimer Street off 29th Avenue, the restaurant is inside one of two houses on the block. Call is the first offering from the group, but next door, they plan to open Beckon in the other house. The two concepts will play off each other, like yin and yang.

The second option opening in the months ahead will be different with a tasting menu. Playing off the popular phrase, “Beck and Call,” Lieberman say it’s a reference to the type of food and service they hope provide at each restaurant.

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The list was revealed Tuesday on CBS This Morning with staff from the magazine. Lieberman was watching to find out if they had made the cut. He already knew they were among the top 50 restaurants selected. He believes Call and many of the other options on the final list were chosen because they are moving in the direction the industry and its patrons want from new restaurants.

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“Really great food, but more approachable, casual,” Lieberman said. “Bringing people together, luring them in, and creating a real fun environment.”

The list does feature options on the coasts, but also highlights restaurants in the middle of the country. It is the latest accolade to bring attention to the culinary scene in Colorado.

“Hopefully it shines a spotlight on all the incredible chefs and restaurants doing amazing things in town,” said Lieberman.

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The restaurant lives up to its name with order numbers that are area codes from different cities across the country. There is also a wall of cans hanging by string, resembling the game of “Telephone” that play songs on repeat which have the word “call” in the lyrics.

But the food is why customers keep coming back.

“Super excited about it, especially that it’s in RiNo and in Denver,” said Meredith Fuller, a customer that heard Call made the “Hot 10” list.

The restaurant offers breakfast and lunch each day and an evening menu for part of the week. Describing the restaurant has been a challenge for the team but Lieberman says the magazine worded it best.

“It called it ‘all day hang.’ I think I’m going to start using that from now on,” he said.

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