THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Agents from federal and local police agencies are conducting a series of major drug busts in the northern Denver metro area, a law enforcement source told CBS4. More than 50 locations with illegal marijuana operations were being raided Thursday morning, including a home in Thornton.

Outside the house, located at 12259 Adams Street in the Eastlake neighborhood, a group of apparent residents were sitting in a driveway while agents with white suits on lined up dozens and dozens of marijuana plants outside. Some of those who were seated were in handcuffs.

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(credit: CBS)

A short time later law enforcement threw bundles of the marijuana in the back of a garbage truck.

It wasn’t immediately clear who owns the home.

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Authorities haven’t revealed the locations of all the other busts that are taking place, but they said the majority of them to the north of Denver. Some of them are businesses.